Thursday, September 2, 2010

I lost some weight..

Last week i went for my check up. i was suprised i'm 1.1kg lighter!! A little part of me was happy with the weight loss. But a major part of me wasn't sure if losing weight at the very end of pregnancy is a good sign or not...

I am now in da final trimester n i suppose to gain more especially during this time rite. Tp nurse ckp ok alhamdulillah.. what matters more is that my baby's doing great in there. Next week nk g scan nk timbang berat baby. Measuring over 34 weeks, she now weighs over menengokkn perut aku kecik je cam xsmpi pon 2.2kg..isk..isk..risau..!! so far i gained 10kg throughout my pregnancy..byk ke tidak??huhu~~

A Special Day n Month

Selamat berpuase !! fasting month da nk abes..mggu dpan da hari raya but not to late tuk wish selamat berpuase kn. even sdang memboyot but syukur dapat jgk menunaikan ibadah pose ni sepenuhnye. this is my 2nd time berpose bersama hubby tercayam...last time ber2 now ber3..three is better than two la heh!!

humm..of cos having a great husband helps A LOT...a lot !! lagi7 biler preggy ni sy leh ngade7 lebey!! am lucky when my hubby is around when i need him. whenever i am not in the best condition to deal with my pregnancy mood, he will take over..oo yeah...sayam u bb!!

my hubby will do everything from masak tuk berbuka..hidang7 mknn..buat air..prepare for sahur..n etc. seronok dilayan bagai raja but seyesly puase time preggy ni mencabar.nk g bazar ramadhan pon jln separuh je da penat then trus balik...mane pegi smangat haku time dolu7 yg suke jln7??ngehehe...

jom layan pictas my hubby di dapur...aku cume printkn menu pastu die akan msk ikut menu tuh..then siap!! sodap!!